Care guide

Tiny yorkshire terrier posed on dog bed with bow in her hair and necklace

Your new puppy

  • Make sure your little ones get plenty of rest the first two weeks!
  • Minimize their activity level –  Small designer dogs can be easily stressed byexcessive holding, causing their blood sugars to drop. Make sure they get a little rest time in between play time! 
  • Limit holding to 30 minutes for every hour (unless he or she is just sleeping on your lap) 
  • DO NOT take to a public park until finished with puppy shots! These little guys haven’t fully developed their immune systems. The same can be said when visiting the vet. There are a lot of sick puppies, so make sure yours in safely in his carrier!
Tiny puppy cuddling a large teddy bear

Food & Nutrition

Keep the food dish in the same spot- it’s easier for everyone! And, use one of these feeding methods:

  • Free Feeding: Open season! The food bowl is always left out. Very tiny puppies require this type of feeding. In order to keep their blood sugars up, they need to constantly be nibbling.
  • Scheduled Feeding: The food bowl is out for 30 minute periods at a time, at the same times each day. Most Morkie breeders recommend this type of schedule- it’s an easy way to allow for frequent, small meals. Plus, it helps you control when puppy needs to use the restroom!

Helpful hints

If it’s necessary to leave your new puppy alone for a few hours, the most important thing is to be sure to leave him with plenty of food and water. It’s best to confine him to a small space, such as an exercise pen or play pen. Put paper or puppy training pads down in a small area of the pen. Make him a bed so he can nap. Putting the bed in a pet taxi with the door off will help the puppy associate going in and out when he needs to potty.

Always praise the puppy when he’s doing what he’s supposed to. Never scold him if, for example, you catch him going potty in the wrong place. Just pick him up and take him outside or to the litter box if that’s where he’s supposed to potty. Praise your puppy liberally. Puppies thrive when they receive plenty of cuddling spiced with lots of positive encouragement.


  • Puppies should be bathed about every two weeks during the summer and once per month during the winter with a mild puppy shampoo. Be sure to blow dry their hair.
  • Brush puppies regularly with a slicker brush.
  • Q-tips can be used to dry out the ears.
  • Keep the hair trimmed around the puppy’s eyes.
  • Trim him under the tail, to keep him clean from doggie poop.
  • Trim around the paws to prevent leaves and dirt from collecting in the fur when the puppy is outside. Nails should be trimmed regularly. Trimming around the paws makes clipping nails easier.
  • To keep a white puppy white, prepare a mixture of half peroxide and half Milk of Magnesia. Add enough cornstarch to form a paste. After the puppy has been bathed and dried, paint the paste on to the puppy. Do not rinse. When the paste is dry, brush it out.
  • Do not leave collar on a new puppy when he is unsupervised. It might get caught on something causing him to choke.